Pandav Caves - 10 Kms

Pandu Leni (also known as Trirashmi Caves and other variations) (Leni is Marathi word for caves), are a group of 24 caves carved between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD.The location of the caves is a holy Buddhist site and is located about 10 km from Sita Bhavan | Dharamshala.The caves were carved out from the 4th century BC till the 12th century AD as abodes for the idols of the local kings. The caves lodge idols of Buddha and Bodhisatva. Some caves are intricately connected by stone-cut ladders that join them to the other caves. Steps lead to the caves from the bottom of the hill. The caves are located high in the mountains of Trirashmi. Some caves are intricately connected by stone-cut ladders that join them to the other caves. Steps lead to the caves from the bottom of the hill. The peak of the Trirashmi Caves is also accessible by trekking of about 20 mins but the path is treacherous and dangerous. Its good destination where you will feel relaxed.

River Godavari,Ram Ghat - 0.5 Kms

The Godavari is a river in the south-central India. It starts in the western state of Maharashtra and flows through the southern state Andhra Pradesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. It forms one of the largest river basins in India. With a length of 1465 km, it is the second longest river in India, after the The Ganges, and the longest in southern India. It originates near Trimbak in Nashik District of Maharashtra state. It flows east across the Deccan Plateau into the Bay of Bengal near Yanam and Antarvedi in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.It is one of the best place for peace and harmony if you wish to spend sometime here.

Kalaram Temple - 0.5 Kms

The Kalaram temple is an old Hindu shrine dedicated to lord Rama in the Panchavati area of Nasik city in Maharashtra, India. It is probably the most important Hindu shrine in the city. The temple derives its name from the statue of Lord Rama that is black. The literal translation of kalaram means black Rama. The sanctum sanctorum also houses the statues of goddess Sita and Lakshmana. Thousands of devotees visit it every day. The temple was funded by Sardar Rangarao Odhekar. It was built around in 1788. It was said that Odhekar had a dream that the statue of Rama in black colour is there in the river Godavari Odhekar took the status from river and built the temple and the place where status was found was named as Ramkund.

Someshwar - 10 Kms / Gangapur - 18 Kms

Coming To Nashik,You Cant afford to miss this Places.Do include it in your Itinerary.Someshwar mandir is a beautiful place ,has a Lord Shiva's temple and a great water fall.After all the traveling you can try your hand with kayaking at Gangapur Lake. It serves as a major water supply to most of the Nashik and a popular place for bird watching. Beyond this, the lake also offers kayaking and boating facilities. The best time to visit this lake is during morning and late evening.Timings: Kayaking: 8 am - 12.30 pm, 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Price: Kayaking - Rs 200 per person/half hour, Rs 300 for two people / half hour Boating - Rs 100 per person/half hour


Sita Ghufa 0.5 Kms

It is considered to be a most Oldest Place.There is a Sita Temple Located herein.Nothing Much to see but its not too far,so you may not miss the opportunity to see the Oldest Tree.

Mukti Dham - 10 Kms

Mukti Dham, a unique temple that depicts all the important Hindu pilgrim centres in India including 12 Jyotirlingas. This temple is made of pink marble and the marble was brought from Makrana in Rajastan, the temple is the main attraction of Nashik.A huge temple with alomost all deities residing in there. Its like a museum of gods. Nicely built. Good place to spend evenings.

Trimbakeshwar - 30 Kms

30 km Journey from the town Nashik takes a tourist to Trimbakeshwar,Jyotirlingam.The place is memorable due to its picturesque hills, roads and cool breeze.The location lies in the formidable shadow of Brahmagiri hills in the Sahyadri range and it is the source of holy river Godavari.The place is also known for its Kumbha Mela, which comes every 12 years as per the Hindu calendar. What makes the Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlingam unique is that it has three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Mahesh(Shiva). All other Jyotirlingas have Shiva as the main deity. The temple is known for its appealing location, architecture and sculpture.

Saptashrungi : 75 Kms

Saptashrungi is a site of Hindu pilgrimage situated 75 kilometres.Saptashrungi is a hill range consisting of seven hills locally called Ghads and form part of the Sahyadri Range of hills in Western Ghats. Sahyadri Range is also known as Ajanta Satmala Range and the average height of the peaks is 4,500 feet (1,400 m). The Dhodap, in the center of this mountain range, is the highest peak with an elevation of 4,600 feet (1,400 m), and Saptasrungi is towards its west.Saptashrungi Temple is two storied shrine with the Devi enshrined in the top floor. The Devi image is carved in a cave at the base of a sheer scarp rock face.

Sula Vineyards - 15 Kms

If you have a wish to see a Vineyard,its now possible to do so in Nashik.Sula Vinyard is the Place.Here are some details about it.Tours and tastings are conducted seven days a week throughout the year. The harvest and crush season runs from January to March. Winery tours and wine tastings take place daily between 11.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. (one tour every hour). Vineyard and winery tour and a wine tasting of 4 premium wines cost Rs. 150 per person and for just Rs. 100 extra per person, taste 2 more special wines! Winery tour followed by wine tasting will take approximately 40 – 45 minutes.Directions to Sula Winery from Nashik City : Take Gangapur Road, crossing Bhonsala Military School and Someshwar Temple, till Gangapur Village Octroi Post.Turn LEFT towards Savargaon Village on Gangapur Savargaon Road.After about 2.5 kms, Turn RIGHT at the first junction on Gangapur-Savargaon Road and you will reach Sula in 1.5 km.

Bhandardara Dam - 65 Kms

IBhandardara is a holiday resort village on the western ghat of India. The village is located in the Ahmednagar district of the state of Maharashtra, about 185 kilometers (115 mi) from Mumbai.
Bhandardara sits by the Pravara River, and is a blend of natural beauty, waterfalls, mountains, tranquility, greenery, invigorating air and pristine ambiance. The Bhandardara Lake and the Randha falls are major tourist attractions.
Bhandardara is full of attractions – from Wilson Dam to Arthur Lake. As legend has it, Shri Agasti Rishi meditated here for a year, surviving only on water and air, pleased with this display of devotion, God came down to Earth and blessed Shri Agasti Rishi with a stream of the Ganges river, which is now known as the Pravara River.Bhandardara provides plenty of opportunity for small treks and hikes for adventure lovers. The most interesting and exciting trek is the small trek to Ratangad fort; to reach Ratangad fort one should take the boat over the small lake near the village Ratanwadi.

Saputara,Gujarat - 85 Kms

Artist Village : This is a place to not only see and buy the tribal artifacts on display, but also to get your hands to work. You will feel welcomed and inspired to try out warli painting or craft tribal objects. Run by Chandrakant Parmar and Surya Goswami, it is a good place to learn about the culture of this region, especially for school groups. The community also provides simple accommodation for a very reasonable cost.[1]
Vansda National park : Originally, a private forest of maharaja of Vansada, the park now covers on area of 24 km². Despite its small size the park harbours tiger, leopard, pangolin, Rusty-spotted Cat, python, giant squirrel, four-horned antelope etc. Prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, or DFO, Ahwa, is required before visiting the park.
Purna Sanctuary: Covering an area of 160 km², Purna Sanctuary is a part of a dense moist deciduous forest in the Western Ghat of Gujarat. Situated at Mahal, 60 km north of Dangs, the sanctuary is crossed by Purna and Gira rivers. There are bamboo-lined pathways for trekkers. Prior permission is necessary for visiting.
Boating: The Saputara Lake surrounded by greenery makes it pleasurable to sail in the lake in a row or paddle boat.
Sunrise Point: It is a point which offers the best view of Saputara and adjoining Malegoan could be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The Tata Consultancy Services has suggested renaming this point as Valley View Point to enhance tourist traffic.
Sunset Point: Gives a breathtaking view of a vast spans of Dang Forest. It provides an aerial view of distant villages in forest. This thick forest around Saputara is dotted with Adivasi (tribal) villages.
The Ropeway: A ten minutes ride across the valley to the sunset point organised by Hotel Vaity.

Gira falls: Makes an excellent excursion option from Saputara. Just 52 km away from Saputara the Gira Waterfalls should not be missed especially during the months of June to November.
Gardens: Rose Garden, as the name suggests, is a spectacular garden with many variety of Roses. Step Garden is a garden set up in steps. On the steps are laid beautiful plants and flower pots. Another garden is Lake Garden on the banks of Saputara Lake, which is an excellent picnic spot. All these gardens make Saputara a beautiful place.
Gardens: One another attractive place in Saputara, step garden has the unique feature of a garden set up in steps. Well laid out steps are adorned with beautiful plants, flower pots ... (more) One another attractive place in Saputara, step garden has the unique feature of a garden set up in steps. Well laid out steps are adorned with beautiful plants, flower pots and in the midst of nice woods. There is a forest hut for the comfortable stay of the visitors, placed amidst the garden. The Garden is well maintained and offer many varieties of flowers and plants. Garden has open space for children to roam around. This is a nice place to spend the evenings away from town bustle and hustle.